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Finding Satan

a podcast

Can you see him?

A Black Cat Collective production

Good Omens meets The Black Tapes in Finding Satan, a Texas Gothic docudrama about a young woman searching for evil; she wants to see it, touch it, prove that it’s real. She wants to find the source of all evil and look Him in the face.

Follow Sarah every two weeks as she looks for the uncanny, the spooky, and the strange; listen to what she finds as she looks for Him.

Don’t you want to find Him?

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We are so excited about our fantastic cast that will be bringing the show to life! Check out the cast page to learn more about them.

Finding Satan is written and produced by Gabrielle S. Awe and co-produced by Jeremy Herbel.

For more about Gabrielle, head to

Gabrielle is also the writer and voice of Stories in the Dark, a podcast of short stories that tend towards the dark, the creepy, or the dangerous.